Photo editing and restoration

From a simple adjustment to make an image more appealing to sympathetic restoration, we have covered many requests over the years when it comes to image edits and modification.

Restore, renovate, retouch or repurpose

Restore, renovate & retouch

It is very easy to go to far when it comes to resoring old photographs. While it is technically possible to remove most dust and sctratches, it should also be kept in mind that it is the natural state of the paper and the evidence of the passage of time that are the essence of the image. 

If you have a photograph that requires a modest retouch, or complete renovation rest assured that we will not overtep the mark.


If you are going to commission images you should get the most out of that investment. Those images don’t have to appear the same everytime they are used. Tools like Photoshop are not just for virtual cosmetic surgery, they can provide you with extra value from current stock

[dsm_before_after_image before_src=”” after_src=”” _builder_version=”4.5.8″ _module_preset=”default” hover_enabled=”0″ locked=”off” before_alt=”Nurse with cluttered background” after_alt=”Nurse with blurted and coloured background”][/dsm_before_after_image]
[dsm_before_after_image before_src=”” after_src=”” _builder_version=”4.5.8″ _module_preset=”default” hover_enabled=”0″ before_alt=”Old photograph family on house steps early 1900s” after_alt=”Retored photograph family on house steps early 1900s”][/dsm_before_after_image]

Considered and sympathetic image restoration